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Your delivery company is usually contracted to carry your boxes to any one room within the house up to the 3rd or 4th floor. If you have a few big items (like a wardrobe) that are going in an upstairs bedroom and some items for the ground floor, tell the delivery guys that the bedroom is your nominated room, however they can drop off items for other rooms on the way (we are sure they will be happy to do that!). you have already paid for your delivery, don’t let them fob you off. A quick call to your supplier might be a good idea to confirm the extent of the delivery service.

Sorry no.  Furniture retailer’s deliveries are done by skilled insured crews. Please see our guide to ikea shopping to see why this is so so important. 

For a normal build, the wardorbe is built lying on it's front before being lifted upright we need:
The minimum ceiling height required for the 201cm frame is 210cm
For the 236cm frame, you require a minimum ceiling height of 244cm

If you have less clearence then a vertical build will be required and a surcharge of £8 per cabinet will apply

A vertical build is required when a wardrobe needs to be build standing up because the ceiling is too low to lift up the frame from the floor (this does not apply to other supopliers when a vertical build is the standard build according to the manufactures instructions) we charge £8 per frame when this is needed. Your fitter will notify you before a vertical build goes ahead.

Yes. Our fitters are experienced professionals who know how to handle large items safely.  Ikea’s recommendations relate to untrained members of the public and are there to protect them from possible litigation should someone sustain an injury whilst assembling their products.

Yes call your fitter first as he needs to know the most then just email us (include any date change you may have agreed with the fitter).

Tell us now. It is always cheaper to get a fixed price in advance. Items added on the day are charged on a time basis which usually works out more expensive. This also allows us to ensure that our next customer isn’t kept waiting. That customer could be you.

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Untill our fixed price shop re-opens please use the quote form to send us your details.


Payment for your assembly work must be made in full by debit or credit card before your order is booked. 

Our team will call you to take payment details at a convenient time after you accept your written quote. 

We cover all major cities and towns in the UK with our expanding network of professional furniture assemblers. If you live in a remote location then there may be a travel charge to cover our fitter’s time and expenses. We will always agree these in full with you before booking the job.

We prefer a minimum of 48 hours to get the job booked in. However if you need the work done sooner, we will always try our best to help. The Live Help service is the most convenient way, just click on the tab and we will try to let you know in a few seconds if we have a slot free.

Yes. All our workmanship is covered by a 12 month warranty on the assembly of the furniture. This applies only to the assembly and does not replace your supplier’s warranty for the product.

One of the beauties of flatpack is that it comes apart again. There is no need to leave your wardrobes behind when you move.  Your Unflatpack fitter will ensure that your furniture is disassembled carefully and properly prepared for transportation by your carrier.  At your new home we will reassemble the furniture correctly ready for you to unpack into.

We have disassembled and reassembled one customer’s wardrobe 3 times over the years and it still works really well.
Please see the DISASSEMBLY tab above for much more info.
Please see the DISASSEMBY PRICING faq for more information on costs.

Great question, as much as possible. Most wardrobes require that they are laid on their front during the assembly process to fix the back on. So we will need that much clear space and an additional metre in each direction. Please contact your supplier if you need advice on this. Please also ensure that you have cleared the space before we arrive to avoid any additional charges.