We build your furniture with care

We always take it as the greatest compliment when another business asks us to represent their brand. It is our responsibility to deliver first class assembly services as expected and also to ensure that our team conduct themselves to the highest professional standards. After all, the company you keep says a great deal about you, so you can always be reassured when Unflatpack are acting as your brand guardians

Whether we are providing an in-home assembly service for your customers or perhaps helping your business move into new office space, our professional project-managed approach means the job will be completed to specification, timescales and budget. Our fitters are uniformed, trained and understand they may be working in an environment where others are also working or may be representing your business to the public.

Office installation

Over the last 10 years, Unflatpack have carried out hundreds of commercial office installations for businesses ranging from a lone blogger working out of her home office right up to 75 person project offices for Westfield shopping centres. Our commitment to delivering a professional installation service has meant every job has been completed on time and within budget.

UK office furniture installation services

Case study: World Nuclear Association

The World Nuclear Association required a tight turn around on the installation of their 55 person office space in the heart of Soho, London. Working with Ikea office products, we set-up a complete office layout to plan within a 3 day window, ready to meet the phased IT installation and document relocation teams.
We are delighted to continue to support the WNA as they grow into their new workspace.


Contract installation

Working with an independent furniture installation contractor gives you the maximum flexibility to choose from a palette of furniture manufacturers without being tied to the cost and constraints of their individual installation teams.
Our installation teams operate across the UK and provide you with a fully project-managed assembly service. Drawing on our experience we can be on-site with a fully briefed and managed team within 48 hours.

Contract furniture installation services

Case study: X1 lettings

Working within very tight timescales from project brief to day 1 handover we managed the furniture logistics and installation for Liverpool based property investment and management group X1 Developments at their new student accommodation project of 109 student flats and communal areas in Chapel St, Manchester.
Working on a live building site within a phased level handover programme, we ensured that everyone of the 1850 boxes needed were delivered from an off site store to the right room, ready for assembly precisely as planned. With students ready to move in days after our completion date there was no possibility of delay or set-back to the program. We were delighted to handover each phase across the 5 week programme on time and to plan and look forward to working with the X1 team again on future projects.


When you go into a BMW showroom all the cars are brand new, shining and with that fresh from the factory smell. No wonder you feel like trading your old motor in for this years model. The furniture on display in your retail premises should be just the same. Looking at it’s very best. All the doors perfectly balanced, closing smoothly with everything assembled perfectly. Who could blame a customer for thinking that if the furniture on display is ropey, then it will probably look like that in their homes.
Unflatpack are used to working in live retail environments, discreetly assembling display products while customers carry on shopping in other parts of the store.

Contract furniture installation services

Case Study: Bensons for Beds

Managing multiple installation teams across the south of England and Wales we were proud to work with Bensons For Beds to achieve a summer 2014 store refresh programme ranging from stores in Carmarthen and Yeovil to Catford and Crawley. In each case we had to dismantle the entire range of beds and wardrobes, moving them to clear the shop floor so that the carpet fitting team had a clear run to recarpet thousands of square feet of retail space. Once the floors,  walls and point of sale had been refreshed our teams went back in to rebuild and reposition the furniture to the new layout plan.

Assembly Service

There are many reasons that your customers may not want to assemble their own furniture. 1 in 5 just don't like doing it, some come from a cultural background that doesn't have a hands-on DIY tradition and for many finding the time between juggling work and family commitments is enough of a reason to put up with old furniture for another year.
Unflatpack believe that every considerate retailer should offer their customers the convenience of a reliable professional installation service.

Commercial furniture assembly services

Case Study: FADS (www.fads.co.uk)

When high street retail stalwart FADS moved into online furniture sales they knew immediately that their customers required a higher degree of customer service than offered as standard by their competitors. Working directly with referred clients and assisting their customer service team directly we have helped them carve a distinguished position within their sector.