We build your furniture with care

The National Flat-pack Furniture Assembly Experts

With over 150 local furniture assemblers across the UK we will have one of our fully trained and insured flatpack fitters with you to assemble your furniture just the way the manufacturer intended. No worries, no wonky, wobbly doors and no bits left over. At Unflatpack we believe that furniture assembled the way the manufacturer intended will last longer and stay looking it’s best for years to come.  And that is just how we do it.

Your new furniture might make you want to say Wow! when our fitter walks you through the work they have just completed. Especially if you have chosen to leave our trusted team to get on with the hard work while you go out for the afternoon. Great looking furniture realy is that simple

We dont just build furniture. In the past 10 years we have built just about everything designed for home assembly, from garden sheds and barbecues to home gyms and studies.

All of our installers are screw gun toting wall fixing pros. So if you need things like TV brackets, cupboards, towel rails etc fixed to walls then just ask. If we are already building your furniture then hanging a mirror or picture will literally cost only a few pounds extra.  

As we always say, “If it comes in a box we build it!” So just ask us for a quote.

Fixed Assembly Prices guaranteed

When we were customers we hated employing tradesmen that always seemed to have two prices for a job. One that seemed nice and cheap to get into your home and another, much higher one when it came to paying the bill in cash before they would leave. 

When we set up Unflatpack we said we won't work like that. That is why we were proud to be the first official Assembly Service Provider to champion IKEA's new low cost assembly service and you can book those prices now in our online assembly shop.

We are at your service

Our assembly team are available when you need us. From 8.00am to 8.00pm throughout the week and Saturdays and Sundays all at no extra cost. If you have loads of furniture to build then we would need to start by lunch time. However, if you have just one or two items, then an evening appointment can be the perfect way to get the job done without taking a day off work.