More and more customers want help to assemble your products

A Mintel survey on Attitudes To Bedroom Furniture found 20% of customers expressing that they actively dislike assembling furniture and installing products.

Unflatpack is a nationwide flat-pack assembly and product installation service designed to be incorporated within your customer support services or promoted directly within the purchase process. Your customers have a clear choice to assemble themselves or call a trustworthy professional service.

We have a solution that will improve customer service and allow you to reach new market segments.

With over 10% of the UK population having one or more physical disabilities, we believe that it is important to cater for their requirements and clearly offer assistance if needed. For many of your customers, the thought of finding a whole day free of family responsibilities and children’s ‘help’ in which to assemble furniture can be enough to put off some purchases or reduce the size of the order.

After all, your customer wanted a media unit to enjoy with their new TV, not a wasted weekend wrestling with unfamiliar tools and components. We want your customers to really focus on the benefits of your product, reassured that everything has been assembled correctly.

Your Assembly Partner

Typically we would work as your recommended assembly / partner. We want your customers to know that we are a third-party company so that any questions or requests concerning the assembly are handled by us. However we know that we are a key part of your overall customer service proposition.

Our fitters are proud to represent your company and products. Unflatpack pride ourselves on delivering a first class journey through the quoting, booking and implementation stages. Ensuring informed and happy customers.

We will produce a fixed priced assembly cost so the total cost is always clear and this is agreed with the customer in advance.

No Downsides or Cost

We view our relationship with retailers as a partnership. We have developed a unique proposition that should mean there are no costs associated with promoting an assembly service, for example revisits on damaged product. We would love to come explain how our partnership could have additional benefits for your business. 

Get in touch

Just email or call 0844 357 4466 and ask to for John Griffin. i look forward to speaking with you.