Frequently Asked Questions We respond to common questions from our customers

Q: Do you move furniture?

A: No, Sorry we cant remove from the home nor transport furniture from house to house. We can do disassembly and reassembly as long as you arrange the moving bit and we can do this over two days if needed or 1 day if he vans ready to move the item straight away

Q: What services do you offer?

A: In addition to assembling your flat pack furniture we can help with many ‘handyman’ jobs that always seem to need doing. For example we can hang pictures and blinds or wall fix shelves. Many of these jobs are available on a fixed price basis. Just click on the services tab and look at what we can offer

Q: Who’s furniture do you assemble?

A: Everyone’s, If it comes in a box we build it. We assemble and install all products designed for home or self assembly including furniture, Wall fixable items, play equipment, office cabinetry, garden furniture, gym equipment, AV wall cabinet installation, curtains and blinds

Q: Is there a minimum order value?

A:Yes. The minimum charge for assembly work is £45. All costs are clearly documented before you accept the quote and pay for the work

Q: Do you remove packaging and waste from the installation?

A: ​We remove packaging and waste for any job booked as a IKEA Reading service area customer.

Please note: Packaging waste removal IS NOT a service IKEA or Taskrabbit offer if you book with them so you must request this with us directly!.

We are not able to provide this service elsewhere unless you are a customer who needs custom installation, a landlord with an HMO property or a Business customer. If this is you please request this service at the point of booking so we can send the correct transport on the day. ( for medium and above size job over £2000 of assembly, a waste management small fee will apply as the volume of card is extreme and could require a 3rd party removal specialist.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes. We are covered for £5 million of public liability.

Q: Do you charge VAT?

A: Yes. We are a VAT registered company However the cost you see displayed as the final amount already includes this, so there will be no nasty surprises on the day.

Q: Can I request specific dates?

A: Yes. We ask you for 2 possible dates when you book. We will always endeavour to book your assembly into one of these dates. We will always agree the time of the appointment with you before booking the assembly.

Q: What is a fixed price?

A: A fixed price is an agreed assembly charge for an agreed item of furniture. This means it is also pre implied the boxes are in (or adjacent to) the assembly room, which has been prepared by making sufficient space for us to work. In other words we can get on with the job straight away. Please see FAQ question on box moving charges

Q: Can I get a quote or book my assembly without needing to call or email you?

A: Yes. You can create a DIY quote online now, it will only take a minute and there is no need to register first. We have produced fixed assembly prices that are all CHEAPER than IKEA in-store assembly prices. See the advice on how to use it on the DIY quote page. Remember the modular PAX wardrobes are priced in width (also called runs) for hinged units and there are only 2 different slider prices

Q: How soon can you do the installation?

A: We prefer a minimum of 48 hours to get the job booked in. However if you need the work done sooner, we will always try our best to help.

Q: Can you install on plasterboard walls?

A: Yes the installers carry a number of top of the line industry fixings and can advise on basic safe load weights.

Q: What happens if I booked the wrong items on the DIY quote page?

A: On the day the installer will clearly explain any errors in the order and add any costs for furniture or services not priced. The office will then request payment from yourself before the installer leaves. The installer will not ask for cash. (apart from if any ad hoc custom work have been done)

Q: When do I pay and how do I pay?

A: Payment for your assembly work must be made in full by debit or credit card before your order is booked either online or over the phone. We accept most major payment card. You can also use your PayPal account. The email for this is ( Please note we cant accept American express as the charges are so high, we can offer bank payment if this is your only option)