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Our core promises are unlike any others, we really mean them and we stick by them

The assembly market has become over-saturated with have-a-go-Heroes that own a mobile phone and a cordless drill but no skill or common sense. Unflatpack decided to be different.

We train our staff, and I mean we actually train them. Take 500 square feet of big yellow storage and 3 months...add training morning, noon and night building the furniture and taking it down. No where else can you learning all the tips of the trade so that our assembly service is better than anyone's.

We are prepared to put our money where our mouth is so that you can trust in the service we offer.
Our core promises are unlike any others, we really mean them and we stick by them:

  • Because we know you have arranged your life and bedroom around our installation team, We promise will always attend your job on the day, even if we have to work late.
  • We respect your home and wear shoe covers.
  • We always charge equal or less than IKEA's standard assembly charge on IKEA products over the minimum call out value.
  • The Management reply to all feedback personally.
  • Complaints are followed up within 24hrs by the Director. If we are wrong we admit it and resolve the issue. No excuses.
  • We will reply to your enquiry on the day during office hours. No waiting... We respond 7 days a week during opening times.
  • To install the product to meet or even exceed the manufacturer's specification.
  • If we accidentally damage an item we are installing we will replace it free of charge within 7 days. (IKEA products only, others may take longer due to delivery)
  • If we fail on any of our core promises we will give you a £20 refund off your order. Now you wont find anyone else who promises that!
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