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Example of Custom Prices

Fitted bedrooms for a few hundred not a few thousand, customers that come to us want a fitted solution but don't want to sacrifice a family holiday or a second car to get the look. Check out the prices below and compared to them to the quotes that you've got from the fitted bedroom companies.

Some example items:

Basic cutdown per frame: £40

Infill for side or wardrobe x 1: £50

Above infill for each hinged door area: £40

Above infill for 150cm slider: £150

Set up 1 off charge for custom work: £50

Price check on average customer request:

Average Pax full mirror door slider, 236 x 150cm from IKEA: "product price" £600.
(6 drawers 4 shelves and 2 rails)

Cost for Unflatpack to Assemble with Infills down both sides and above for a fully fitted look, £421

Your Total cost (including product cost) JUST £1,021

Average Sharps or other fitted bedrooms price £3000-5000!

IKEA Fitted Bedroom and Custom Installation Services

Get the IKEA furniture you want customised to fit your home.

Overview of Services

  • We offer custom installation for the Besta and PAX wardrobe ranges only.
  • Fully fitted look PAX wardrobe service. MOST POPULAR SERVICE. Infill strips for top, side and rear of wardrobe. Silicone and caulk to blend in.
  • PAX basic frame cut down service for lower ceilings.
  • Hinged door cut down service (unfortunatly we can't cut into the hinged mirror doors).
  • Metal sliding door cut down service (yes, we can cut the mirror panels on sliders but not the glass panels).
  • Above storage areas. Installed above any new or existing PAX wardrobe, even a slider.
  • Eaves custom fit. We install wardrobes in rooms with sloping roofs. Neat solutions for loft conversions or around a beam or rafter.
  • Depth reduction service for smaller rooms. Take a few inches off the back and reclaim some much needed floor space. It really makes a huge difference.
  • Width reduction. We can cut down your PAX slider or hinged door to fit into a smaller gap for a stunning wall to wall effect.
  • Special requests: Cutting to fit over radiators, existing pipework or to provide access to plug sockets.
  • Premium IKEA Besta media installation: Professional, premium installation extras service not currently offered as standard. (see details page)
  • Cornice and skirting board removal. Clean cut and close to perfection.
  • Lovely finishing: Silicone and decor caulk finishing as standard. Cut edges are sealed with edging tape for that factory finish.
  • Packaging and waste removal. We will vacuum up afterwards too!
  • Site survey service: Free if you then book the custom installation service.
  • Hands off service: We can buy, deliver and install for you if required.
  • Free: Friendly expert help and advice on all aspects of the project: Buying, design and installation.

For immediate specialist help or advice even while your standing on the IKEA shop floor call and ask to speak to Denver Thornton, the Custom Installation Manager.

Alcove Fitting

This customer had and alcove measuring 187cm and wanted a wall to wall solution that would also enclose the boiler. A big ask? Well not too big for the Unflatpack Team!

We advised the purchase of an IKEA PAX wardrobe measuring 200cm and offered to customise it to fit.

We followed the pipes to make a cleaner look, double cut the panel door to make it narrower, re-drill all the cross braces and re-set the panels to fill the gaps.

The final look is flawless and exactly like the original (just smaller) because we use top quality saw blades and Unflatpack skill.

Eaves and Sloping Roofs

Another of our customers had an issue we love to solve! How to fit a wardrobe in the eaves of the children's bedroom, where the storage was most needed?

Out comes the saw ... in goes the wardrobe and away goes the waste (to be recycled of course!)

Another happy customer and all solved on the day. Unflatpack to the rescue again.

Fitted Bedrooms

The IKEA furniture you want, crafted to perfectly to fit the space you have.

Contact us for a fully fitted look. Want Infill panels? We do it!

From basic frame cutdowns to cutting down PAX slider metal doors... we do it all.

Yes ...we even cut sliding door mirror panels.

Uneven ceilings are not a problem for us.

We can adapt your PAX sliders to fit loft conversions and we use silicone and caulk to finish the look.

Storage Doors

Even the tallest IKEA wardrobes are no match for some high ceilings. One of our customers wanted hidden storage without the high price tag.

So he called in Unflatpack after he found the IKEA look he really wanted. We had a wardrobe purchased, assembled and the extra custom work installed for him at about 30% of the cost he had been quoted by the big names.

Oh did we mention - the over the top sections are opening storage doors! We are really proud to put our name to this work.

Height and Width Cutdowns

Height Cutdowns:

You can achieve an amazing semi fitted look just by having your wardrobe frames cut down.

This is our most frequently requested service and super affordable at just £40 a frame!

Width Cutdowns:

This customer requested a width cutdown to make a 300cm PAX wardeobe fit 290cm of space. Door edging is included for a flawless factory finished look.

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