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Our IKEA Envoy Service is for landlords, estate agents and owners of HMO properties and provides a complete solution for delivery, assembly and installation for all your IKEA furnishings.

Simply email us the list of the items you want from IKEA (even items from the Market Place they wont deliver to regular customers!!!) and we will arrange the rest!

One of our main USP'ss is that we will go and pick up the keys from the agents and deliver everything directly meaning no one has to wait around for either the delivery or assembly team to arrive.

IKEA Envoy Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum charge for Envoy Services?

Yes for this service the installation cost must be over £1000.

What postcodes do you cover and is there an excess if I live just outside the areas you cover?

All areas are listed here. We do not generally charge an excess, unless the job proves not to be cost-effective, in which case an excess charge may apply.

Can you arrange for the packaging to be taken away on business installations as the waste will overwhelm our on-site recycling?

Yes - we charge £60 for this service.

Who do I pay and how do I pay?

We arrange payment for the furniture directly to IKEA. Assembly charges are paid to Unflatpack.

Do I need to pay up front for assembly or can I pay after the job is complete?

Assembly charges are payable upfront unless the assembly cost is over £3000 then a 50% deposit will be taken and the remaining 50% is payable upon completion. See T&C's.

If my list of items to be delivered from IKEA includes non-assembly items, such as items from the market place, do you charge extra to take delivery of these?

In most cases we are happy to take delivery of these items and place them in a secure location inside the property at no extra cost. Additional charges will only apply if you need non-assembly items placed in multiple locations throughout a site.

Will your team work until the installation is finished or do they have to finish at 5 p.m?

We will advise you if the job cannot be completed on the same day, although most can. For larger jobs we will provide you with an estimate of the number of days it will take to complete. We have no official finish time and often work late to ensure the job is complete to the highest possible standard.

Do you have any case studies or testimonials from previous clients?

Yes please see our many testimonials on our web site. We are happy to allow you to contact B2B customers for direct references.

Are you able to provide wall mounting services for items such as towel rails and mirrors, etc, and what would be the cost?

Yes we can provide this service and charge £10 per wall fixing. We provie discounts for bulk installations.

What time will my delivery arrive?

Unfortunately we have no control over what time IKEA will deliver your items. We can ask for your items to be the first drop off of the day (which is 7am), or if you have somewhere to store your items you can ask for them to be delivered before the date we will arrive, on a day that suits you.

I can't be there to let your team in. Can you help?

Yes we can collect the keys from a agent or local holder on the day or up to a week before. This service is just £100 extra and includes returning the keys or we can leave them in the property.

If for any reason some items are missing from the IKEA delivery how would I get these re-delivered and assembled?

As we offer an all in one service simply give us a call and we will arrange the re-delivery for you. *Please note that this only applies for assembly quoted furnishings like beds and wardrobes.

As I may have a tenant coming into the building the next day what assurances do I have that your team will turn up on the day and what happens if their transport breaks down?

We use our enterprise rental car program to get them there and work late if needs be.

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