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Assembly services... So everyone has a website but who to choose???

They all say: Stop building your own flat pack badly - and... why are you wasting your free time. Hell... some even promise "an end to arguments at 1am till the morning, save your marriage".

Everyone offers them but we do it better... Here's why:

  • Prices based on £25 per hour thats means it costs you Average equivocal of cost just £6.25 an hour compared to building yourself as we build it 4/5 times faster.
  • Half the price compared to the other Reading flatpack assembly company screwdriver who charge £52 for an hour.
  • Actual personal relationships with actual trained installers we know can do the job, not an app based company who sends the first unknown person who logs on.
  • 12 months workmanship guarantee.
  • All done in a day. You don't even need to be home so no extra time off work necessary.
  • Wall fixing included so no extra cost.
  • Installers fully trained, with DBS certificate.
  • 20% discount voucher for customers who do a video review (ask for details you brave people!).
  • Further discount voucher for returning customers that can be given to friends and family.
Flatpack Assembly

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