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Brick, Plasterboard or Wood.

Unflatpack installers carry the correct fixings for the job. We use the industry leading brand UNO by Rawlplug (tm) in all our work. For large TVs and media centre installs we use extra strong "interset" fixings that expand into a locking pyramid behind the plasterboard. We know the safe weight loads for fixings and will advise you on best practice.

New House?

Have you ever noticed how new build properties don't seem to come with towel rails, toilet roll holders, shelves, blinds, curtains or any shelving. Have them at your home when we arrive and we will be happy to install these for you.

Help is at Hand

If you're reading this page the chances are you're just about to move into a new build property and are looking for a new media system to be installed correctly... well guess what... help is at hand! Just book online using the quote link.

We're Ready

One of our installers will be happy to wall fix any items that you need and we always use the right fixings and that means it will stay where its screwed.

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